London and Edinburgh lead in knowledge economy

UK cities are becoming vibrant knowledge centres and driving economic growth, research from The Work Foundation consultancy has found.

London and Edinburgh have been identified as Ideapolises: cities that have adapted most rapidly to the demands of the knowledge economy, with Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Newcastle fast catching up.

The Work Foundation spent a year assessing the “knowledge intensity” in 10 UK and four international cities, analysing the number of knowledge industries and knowledge workers in each location and its surrounding region.

An Ideapolis is described by the foundation as a city with high levels of economic success, a diverse industry base, a university that has a mutually beneficial relationship with the city, a strong communications infrastructure and good transport links.

Peter Hewitt, chief executive of Arts Council England, said the report was a reminder of the challenges the UK is facing.

“Our future prosperity will depend on innovation and knowledge, on ideas and creativity. Already, the creative industries are the fastest growing part of our economy, generating more jobs and wealth than ever before,” he said.

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