London boroughs unite to recruit transport staff

A project to tackle the big recruitment and retention problems faced by London boroughs’ highways and transport departments is launched on Wednesday by the Association of London Government (ALG).

About one in three transport and highway posts in London is either vacant or filled by agency staff, affecting the councils’ ability to effectively plan, develop and implement improvements to the capital’s highways network.

The Boroughs Employment in Transport (Training, Education and Recruitment) Partnership (BETTER Partnership) will seek to forge closer links between boroughs and education providers to encourage school, college and university leavers to take up a career in a transport and highway department in a London council.  

It will also work with other training providers to plug any skills gaps that are identified, and work towards helping to develop courses that meet the needs of London boroughs.

Chairman of the ALG’s Transport and Environment Committee, Michael Cartwright, said transport and highway departments were just one of a number of London council services facing difficulties recruiting and retaining staff.

“Part of the problem is that many school leavers and graduates don’t think of forging a career in a local council highways department,” he said.

“Local government offers an attractive package of pay and conditions, it also gives people the chance to improve the lives of their local communities and see first-hand the fruits of their labour.”

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