Look beyond the headlines

A phrase that keeps coming to mind with the spate of employment law decisions that have emerged in recent weeks is ‘things are not always what they seem’.

Employers have been concerned – and with good reason – about how to deal effectively with requests for holiday time and unpaid leave in connection with religious observances.

On the surface, the recent Employment Tribunal decision that favoured bus cleaner Mohammed Sajwal Khan in his claim that he had been sacked unfairly looked like a landmark case in the religious discrimination arena. But please see Roger Byard’s analysis of what the Khan case actually means for UK employers. Then vow to always respond to employee requests for leave in the first instance, and then lose no time in developing a policy on how to deal effectively and fairly with those requests.

Other features in this month’s Employers’ Law also seem to follow the theme of looking beyond the headlines, so to speak, for answers. Contributor Melissa Paz reminds us to speak up and ask for details when an employee is having recurring absences and  we take a look at the growing need for employee background checks.

Next month will feature a special report on upcoming employment legislation. Essential reading for anyone dealing with the recruitment and retention of staff.

DeeDee Doke


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