Majority are satisfied with training provision

two-thirds of UK
employees say they are satisfied with the training they receive in their
present job, a new survey reveals.

Putting it in Perspective, an annual report
produced by research consultancy ORC International, shows that the
UK has seen a steady and substantial increase in
employee satisfaction with training provision in the past five years.

two-thirds (62 per cent) of employees are now satisfied with the training they
receive, compared with just more than half (53 per cent) in 1999.

terms of sector comparisons, the report offers a number of further findings.
For example, employees working in retail are the most satisfied with the
training they receive, scoring 70 per cent on this issue – eight percentage
points higher than the UK

suggests this investment in training sales assistants reflects the importance
placed on delivering quality customer service.

contrast, employees in the hi-tech sector are the least satisfied. Only 47 per
cent are satisfied with the training they receive.

well as reflecting downturn and budget constraints, this is also indicative of
rapid technological change and shorter product cycles.

report is based on data derived from ORC Perspectives. As one of the UK’s
largest employee survey benchmarking databases, it represents the opinions of 1.4
million workers.

By Quentin Reade



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