Majority of staff are concerned about job prospects

Four in five employees lack confidence about the job market as the number of people out of work is predicted to reach 2 million next week.

A survey of 5,000 workers by online recruiter Jobsite found that 64% of staff in London are concerned about their job prospects. One in six are actively looking to take advantage of the jobs still on offer before they face potential redundancy proceedings with their current employer.

Earlier this week, the British Chamber of Commerce predicted that job losses could reach over 3.2 million – or just over 10% of the national workforce – by the second half of 2010.

New unemployment figures to be published next week are expected to show the number of people out of work has passed the two-million mark. The unemployed toll is currently measured at 1.97 million.

However, Keith Potts, chief executive of, said there were pockets of opportunity. “The picture is not uniformly bleak: although some sectors have been hit hard, we’re still seeing employers in other sectors actively looking to take on staff.”

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