Making the Connections – Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy into Action

Making the Connections – Using Internal Communication to Turn Strategy into Action

Author: Bill Quirke

Price: £25

Publisher: Gower

Pages: 286

ISBN: 0566085178


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In this book, Bill Quirke makes a compelling business case for effective internal communication. He cites many examples from FTSE 100 companies that support the case for a strong link between the business strategy and internal communications strategy. Many of his comments will strike a chord with experienced HR professionals and even more so for not being acted upon by many organisations.

The book is easy to read and presents a logical framework for his ‘circle of communication’. You can review the important links between the different parts of organisations and understand how we often work in silos and fail to see the big picture. Just like mushrooms, employees are often kept in the dark.

The author also outlines a full business model for competitive advantage. He describes how effective communication acts as the foundation for successful change management and influencing employees’ behaviour and attitudes.

However, there are a few gaps in the analysis. Quirke provides few insights into public and voluntary sector organisations and the differences in approach to aligning strategic communication and business objectives.

A summary of the key learning points in each chapter would have helped point readers to specific areas of interest and further reading. It is also longer than most other business texts.

Finally, the book does not send out the clear message that allocating appropriate resources dedicated to effective communication within a company is not a cost, but an investment that will bring added value.

Useful?  4 stars

Well-written?  4 stars

Practical?  4 stars

Inspirational? 3 stars

Value for money?  3 stars

Overall  4 stars

Reviewed by Steve Crelley, an HR consultant, and Klara Polackova, a communications consultant

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