Manager pays ex-worker £1,300 in small change

A business manager in County Durham has found a novel way of showing his dissatisfaction with an employment tribunal decision.

Malcolm Lee, who runs Lee’s Coaches in Langley Moor, was outraged at having to pay £2,300 to an employee who quit his job on medical advice and spent his final days on sick leave. Displaying a mightily impressive disregard for the voice in everyone’s head that tells them when an idea should remain, well, an idea, Lee paid the employee £1,000 by cheque, and the remaining £1,300 with a crate of small change.

The 61-year-old employee – who Guru hopes didn’t leave work with a bad back – had to call on neighbours to help lift the 11-stone pay packet into his house. The disgruntled but coin-rich former worker is now seeking legal advice – apparently, the Royal Mint has rules about this kind of thing.

So it seems Lee may be forced to take the coins back, but, as tempting as it must be to write a cheque and head to Brighton Pier to play the slot machines until August Bank Holiday, Guru urges him not to give up yet.

There are still so many options: postage stamps, luncheon vouchers, IOUs At latest estimates, £1,300 could be converted into 24,713,000 Laos Kip. Or he could do the decent thing and write a pristine cheque for £1,300 – buried at a secret location to be identified only when a treasure map is located by following a series of cryptic clues hidden in riddles.

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