Managers expect secretaries or personal assistants to complete inappropriate tasks

Researching colonic irrigation and taking your boss’s father to the seaside are all in a day’s work for today’s secretaries and PA’s, a survey has revealed.

One PA said her boss suggested he strip off whilst she worked for him, the survey of 300 secretaries by Pitman Training company showed.

Another secretary told how her boss had called her in the UK from his first floor hotel room in Hong Kong and asked her to call the hotel and order him room service.

Almost nine out of 10 respondents said they wanted their bosses to show a little appreciation from time to time.

Michael Graham, managing director at Pitman Training, said: “Typically a PA’s relationship with their boss is somewhat close, but the PAs we spoke to quite rightly believe that such demands are way beyond their job description.

“Finding time to book your own holiday is difficult enough, never mind booking one for your boss, his wife and his mistress, as one PA claimed she had done.”

Other requests included having to put posters on lampposts in an effort to find the boss’s lost cat.

And one PA was told she should try to shrink to prevent her boss from feeling intimidated.

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