Managers get a taste of Army living

30 Centrefile executives have been put though their paces on
an infantry training course in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

The managers spent 24 hours on the moors, sleeping rough and
taking part in activities, including firing guns. 

Their trip was part of the Army Training and Recruiting
Agency’s drive to exploit the force’s resources commercially. It wants to run
courses for companies at its 12 centres of excellence and 40 training grounds
in the UK.

Services vary from diplomacy and leadership courses ñ based
on experiences in Bosnia and Sierra Leone ñ to fitness training and providing
film locations.

The agency offers tailor-made courses for corporate clients.
Centrefile wanted to "push people to the limit" and teach anger and
people management skills.

The agency’s Lt Col David Adams said it was hoped that the
services would turn over £10m by 2003.

It was formed in response to the Government’s drive for the
public sector to offset running costs by selling services to a wider market.

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