Managers struggling to switch off on the beach

Even during holiday time it seems that a British manager’s
work is never done, according to a new survey from the Institute of Management.

Seventy nine per cent of managers say they take the bulk of
holiday entitlement but three quarters admit that they remain contactable by
their colleagues – up from 66 per cent last year. Mobile phones are the most popular
method (63 per cent) with email (13 per cent) and portable computers (10 per
cent) also utilised.

The summer holiday is still appreciated though, with most
managers (84 per cent) saying that a holiday recharged their batteries. But for
one in ten, the holiday has the opposite effect, and may lead to a change of
job on their return.

The biggest problem posed by time off is a multitude of
unanswered emails, with a third of those questioned looking forward to at least
50 emails on their return.

“Switched on managers are using their holidays wisely to
switch off and take a breather. However, for some the benefits of their hard
earned breaks will soon fade with their tans if they are unable to delegate to
colleagues while they’re away recharging their batteries,” said Christine
Hayhurst, director of public affaires at the Institute of Management.

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