Tanker drivers vote to strike over outsourcing

employees have voted to strike over plans to outsource their jobs to another

out of ten T&G members voted in favour of industrial action over the
contracting of drivers’ jobs to Jet garages, which they claim could cost
drivers up to £4,000 in benefits.

have sat down with the company and put forward the details of our concerns. We
believe we have gained the company’s agreement that the pensions, profit
related pay and share options issues will be addressed but there is no
guarantee that Conoco will fund them in the future.” said Danny Byan, the
T&G’s national secretary for transport.

know from what the company has told us that to proceed down this line of
outsourcing will cost them more than keeping the work in-house. If that is the
case, it must surely be the right option for the company and their shareholders
to keep the work in-house and so avoid unnecessary and costly disputes.”

100 out of the 130 drivers voted in favour of a strike, which will affect
depots in Immingham, Jarrow, Plymouth, Kingsbury and Belfast.


Paul Nelson

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