Managers work too long and get too little training

Many UK managers receive little training and are working
such long hours that they break European laws, according to a report by the
Institute of Management

In a survey of 1,516 managers from all organisational levels
last year the institute found that 40 per cent of respondents were working more
than 48 hours. Of the total sample, 64 per cent said long hours are "part
of their organisation’s culture".

More than half of the managers (54 per cent) said they were
overloaded with data, 12 per cent more than in 1997.

The study also found that training standards for managers
varied widely across sectors.

Overall, nearly one in five received no training at all and
half received less than a week of training.

Managers in the leisure sector received the least training,
with more than a third receiving none and more than half receiving less than a

In retail, wholesale and distribution, a third received no
training and 44 per cent received less than a week.

Managers in public administration, local and central
government received the most training. Only six per cent of these received no
training and nearly half received under a week. A third of those questioned in
the sector received two weeks’ training.

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