Manufacturer takes yearly view to cut overtime

GlaxoSmithKline Horlicks is to set staff hours on an annual basis instead of
weekly or monthly to cut overtime costs.

Martin Swain, HR manager at GSK Horlicks, told Personnel Today that the firm
decided to change the way it measures staff hours to reduce unnecessary
overtime payments.

He explained: "Employees will have yearly set hours so overtime will
not be paid until all the annual hours have been worked. Currently we are
paying overtime in January when we do not know the balance of labour resources
for the rest of the year.

"It could save us a large sum in overtime and improve the availability
of our workforce."

The manufacturer has also introduced work-life balance policies to allow
staff to work a compressed week and give line managers the power to manage
hours to encourage flexible working.

Swain believes both schemes have helped the Slough-based company improve morale
and reduce sickness absence levels.

"The compressed hours working has helped attract better staff. We have
also seen a decline in the number of ad hoc one-day absences," he said.

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