Manufacturers push for rejection of EU meddling on works councils

manufacturers have urged the Government to reject attempts by the European
Commission (EC) to amend the legislation on European Works Councils (EWCs)
later this year.

Responding to
the DTI discussion paper on The UK Experience of European Works Councils, the
Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF) argues that it is too early a stage to
assess the benefits to multinational companies from their EWCs.

In addition,
not only is it clear that there is little enthusiasm for them among employers
and employee representatives, but evidence suggests the works councils are
relatively expensive to operate and involve a considerable amount of time and

Commenting on
the commission’s forthcoming review, EEF deputy director of employment policy
David Yeandle said: "Creating the necessary level of trust and confidence
for effective information and consultation to take place is a lengthy process,
particularly when it involves people from member states with very different
employee relations systems, histories and cultures.

this is about to be made more complex by the EU’s enlargement and, there is a
clear lack of enthusiasm for EWCs… it is too early to consider changes to
this directive."

By Ben Willmott

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