Discrimination guide for local authorities launched

Employers’ Organisation for local government (EO) has produced new guidance for
local authorities to help them cope with new discrimination laws.

December this year, discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief or
sexuality will be unlawful in employment and training.

EO report, Equality = No Exclusions, deals with issues of religion, belief and
sexuality, and looks at ways employers can prepare themselves. It also answers
a wide range of frequently asked questions.

Reynolds, principal diversity adviser at the EO, said: "This is
groundbreaking legislation in many ways. It means that harassed employees can
go straight to an employment tribunal rather than spend many years on the long
and stressful road to Europe.

concept of ‘equality’ is distorted if any groups are left out – from December
that distortion is ironed out," she added.


By Michael Millar

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