Many employees will check in to the office while on holiday

Sixteen per cent of UK workers will make contact with their workplace while on holiday this summer, according to new research.

A survey of more than 1,600 employees by HR consultancy Hudson shows that 13% will not take a holiday during the summer.

According to the survey, conducted by pollsters YouGov, of those who plan to check in by phone or e-mail with work when they are on holiday this summer, 79% expect to do so more than once a week and 25% of them will contact work at least once every day.

Male workers are the worst culprits, with 20% planning to log on or dial in this holiday, compared with 12% of women.

Londoners are the UK’s biggest workaholics, with 23% expecting to connect with the office while on their summer break.

Scottish workers are the least likely to check in, at only 15%.

Geraldine Hetherington, chief operating officer of Hudson UK, said: “It is not right that so many work environments compel employees to keep working, even when they are supposed to be taking a break.

“Employers should make it clear to their employees that they do not expect them to connect with the office while they are on holiday.

“And colleagues should be prepared to take on each other’s workload so that everyone gets the proper break they deserve.”

Separate research from Hudson reveals that 53% of the UK’s construction workers claim to have experienced one or more symptoms of over-work or burnout in the past six months, blaming the increased pace of business life.

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