Medical company goes to top of class

Leading medical device manufacturer Smith & Nephew is implementing WBT
Systems’s TopClass e-learning suite to deliver training to an initial 2,500
employees in eight countries.

The organisation, which has more than 7,000 staff and operations in 34 countries,
will use it to track and report on its training programmes and help it to take
a blended learning approach to training. The installation follows a successful
pilot scheme run in the US.

The system is already enabling Smith & Nephew to redirect existing
content as learning objects, which can then be shared across the company.

"With TopClass we know we will save costs on travel and accommodation,
and even more so on content repurposing," says Mark Stefko, e-business
project director at Smith & Nephew, which wants to make e-learning an
integral part of the company culture.

"However, the real value to us is that TopClass helps extend our
educational investments, raises the competency level of every staff member,
increases collaboration and helps to communicate in a consistent way across the

TopClass will help to provide customised training programmes for different
roles including product training for sales staff in their own language and
operating procedures and health and safety training for operatives.

All employees will receive induction and corporate values training using the

Part of WBT’s remit was also to develop a Talent Bank for Smith & Nephew
– basically a repository of employee skills, competencies and training. The
company operates in global teams and can now search for and bring together the
most suitable teams for a particular job using the Talent Bank.


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