Medical schools see student numbers rise but will they all have jobs

The number of applicants to medical schools is increasing but there are not enough jobs for students when they qualify, according to the British Medical Association (BMA).

BMA News reports that medical schools have taken on about 730 more students than planned this year owing to an increased number of students achieving the required A-level grades and accepting offers from medical schools.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School said 60% of students with an offer accepted a place, rather than the expected 40%. The school had 38 students over target.

Students fear that problems such as lecture theatre overcrowding and lack of contact with personal tutors will worsen.

BMA medical students committee chairman, Leigh Bissett, said: “There is definitely a need for an increase in medical students but, to go with it, we must have increased funding, more jobs for when they qualify and better support within the medical schools to teach and look after the social and educational needs of medical students.”

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