Medway NHS Trust puts faith in 28-year-old human resources director

Cheryl Lee has been appointed human resources (HR) director at Medway NHS Trust – at the age of 28.

Lee has worked in the health service since 2001 in a variety of roles and been assistant director of HR for three years at the trust, based in Kent. She is thought to be one of the youngest people to be appointed as an HR chief.

Medway NHS Trust employs about 3,200 people, including 70 HR staff. Lee is on the board of the trust and has responsibility for leading on all HR and organisational development issues.

She previously worked at two other trusts and for the Department of Health, providing advice on recruitment and employment issues. She has an MA in Effective HR Leadership.

She told Personnel Today that she was delighted to get the job, but it was unexpected.

“I did think my age might hold me back. I applied more for the experience, but had been acting up,” she said.

“I certainly didn’t get any favours from the organisation, and the process was tougher because I knew people on the [interview] panel,” she added.

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