Merseyside police win CIPD award

A Merseyside Police force has won the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) People Management Award – the first time a frontline public service provider has won the award since the it was launched in 1995.

The Liverpool North Area leadership accreditation scheme, ‘Prepared to Lead’, focused on developing its performance culture and understanding staff needs, with training line managers an essential part of the scheme.

Chief superintendent Mike Langdon said: “Our approach to people management is delivering real results for the people of Liverpool.”

Some of the results produced by the scheme in the 22 months since it was launched include:

– Efficiency savings of £547,660

– Overall reduction in crimes committed

– Increased availability of each officer by almost 4 days per year

– 54 per cent reduction of robbery offences

– 42 per cent reduction in thefts form cars

– 31 per cent reduction in burglaries

Home secretary David Blunkett said: “This initiative has played a huge part in the remarkable improvement in the force’s performance and the overall reduction in crime within the area. This is an excellent achievement. These accomplishments will go a long way to reassure the local community, and to cement relationships between staff and residents. I wish Merseyside Police my congratulations and hope the success of the initiative continues.”

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