Metals sector to benefit from teamworking initiative

skills in the West Midlands metal industry are to receive a boost following the
launch of a leadership and teamworking initiative.

will be given access to subsidised, nationally recognised industry training
that will help create flexible, self managed teams.

scheme is being led by Metals Industry Skills and Performance (MetSkill), the
national strategic sector body which supports the skills and development needs
of employers in the industry.

metals industry is hoping to develop team leaders and skilled employees in an
industry that accounts for over 10 per cent of the region’s economy, but is
changing rapidly as a sector.

companies have already sent staff on the training programmes which include
communication, problem solving, quality management and health and safety.

Tilsley, chairman of MetSkill, said companies can achieve real improvements by
working together strategically: "Times are tough for metals companies and
it’s difficult for us as individual businesses to look beyond the immediate
problems facing us. But working more strategically as a metals sector gives
employers the advantage of benefiting from a collective industry
approach," he said.

By Ross Wigham

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