Metrics-Driven HR and Recruitment: Enabling performance through insight on-demand webinar

HR and recruitment professionals recognise that their decisions increasingly need to be backed up with sound justification based on facts. But how do HR teams make the most of the metrics at their fingertips? What metrics are most useful? And how is data making a difference for organisations who are using it best?

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with, looks at how data is used in organisations to improve HR and recruitment decisions, enabling improved business performance.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How evidence based HR strategies improve decision making
  • How a metrics-driven approach will transform your talent pipeline
  • And how metrics-driven recruitment helps you improve candidate experience

Personnel Today editor Rob Moss is joined by three experts in metrics-based HR and recruitment:

  • Greig Aitken, group head of people strategy, insight and change at RBS Group
  • Jonathan Campbell, founder and CEO of Social Talent
  • Gerard Murnaghan, senior sales director at
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