Migrants get all clear to work in UK

than 300 highly skilled immigrants have been approved for work in the UK under
the Government’s new fast track system.

Highly Skilled Migrants Programme allows talented immigrants including doctors
and scientists, to look for work without the sponsor of an employer.

far 338 high flyers have been approved for work since the programmes inception
at the end of January 2002.

Office minister Beverly Hughes said the figures proved the Government drive for
properly managed migration was producing results:

a modern global economy, it is essential that we are able to attract the skills
that we need for business and our economy to flourish. In only a few months,
more than 300 highly skilled people have been cleared to contribute to the UK
economy. We intend to build on that as the scheme progresses," she said.

figures are released as the controversial Nationality, Immigration and Asylum
Bill gets its second reading in the House of Lords.

Government hopes the new bill will provide a deterrent to illegal immigration
while making it easier for highly skilled staff to work in the UK.

Home Office also published figures that showed the UK was at the forefront of
attracting highly skilled foreign staff.

research looked at initiatives in 10 countries attempting to attract highly
skilled workers and found the UK had done more and processed work permits
faster than any of the other nations.


By Ross Wigham

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