Mims Davies MP: Why Kickstart’ is serious about jobs for young people

The Kickstart scheme will offer under-25s high-quality, paid work placements to get their careers going, says Davies

Thousands of young people have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and face uncertainty about their future. Minister for employment Mims Davies explains how the government’s Kickstart scheme will focus on creating opportunities for under-25s.

Coronavirus has affected the lives and jobs of thousands of people across the UK, but it is becoming clearer that our young people are likely to see the biggest impact of their employment opportunities in comparison with previous years.

Just as we supported people at the beginning of this health emergency by processing millions of Universal Credit claims to ensure people got vital financial support as quickly as possible and with the furlough scheme which has protected over nine million jobs, we’re now turning our attention to helping them get back into work and Britain back on its feet.

Right at the point when you’re starting in the world of work, a spell of not getting employment opportunities, or maybe a real drop in income, can have a lasting effect on your confidence.”

Right at the point when you’re starting in the world of work, a spell of not getting employment opportunities, or maybe a real drop in income, can have a lasting effect on your confidence.

Those with stronger experience and wider expertise are often more able to swap into a new job, having built up transferable skills that they can use in other arenas.

Focus on progression

But young people often don’t have that experience which is why our Plan for Jobs has a focus on progression opportunities for those who have just left school and university.

This government is serious about investing in our young people and their futures – including injecting £2 billion in the new Kickstart scheme which will create hundreds of thousands of subsidised new jobs for under 25s.

Come this autumn, young people receiving benefits will be first in line for this vital scheme where the new, high quality, six-month roles provided by employers from all sectors will introduce them to the world of work.

It will give them a paid wage for the duration and give them the chance to build their experience and professional networks, helping to unlock other job opportunities for the future and improve their employability.

Work Coaches

At the Department for Work and Pensions, our expert Work Coaches know how important it is to give people the right support at the right time. For some young people who have experience on their CV and confidence from a recent job, they may simply need light touch support to focus their work search.

For others, without experience of work or with other barriers further limiting their chances at getting a job, the Kickstart scheme will be the beginning of the journey into the world of work they need and a role which will really open up doors.

It is an innovative and bold scheme that will help reset the balance, level the playing field and make the competition fair so that young people from all backgrounds will have their chance, as our country goes through this difficult period.

Through our diverse nationwide Jobcentre Plus network and our boosted army of Work Coaches, which is doubling to 27,000 by March 2021, we’ll be able to match young people with local roles on the Kickstart scheme.

It is key to improve regional access to the Kickstart Scheme so we’re using our additional £150 million for the DWP Flexible Support Fund, to help set up a vital network of Youth Hubs across the country to support young people where they are.

I am determined to build back a stronger economy with wider opportunities for all as we move in to recovery. Removing the barriers for young people, giving them skills and belief to succeed is a key tenet of the Plan for Jobs, and only this will allow us to build back better for all our communities.

Mims Davies

About Mims Davies

Mims Davies is Minister for Employment and Conservative MP for Mid Sussex

6 Responses to Mims Davies MP: Why Kickstart’ is serious about jobs for young people

  1. Avatar
    Jenny 20 Aug 2020 at 12:20 pm #

    That is great – but when will we be able to start employees on the scheme –

  2. Avatar
    Andrew Wilkinson 20 Aug 2020 at 6:00 pm #

    Agree with Jenny, there is a lack of information for employers who are interested in using the scheme.

  3. Avatar
    Mark 21 Aug 2020 at 3:46 pm #

    The scheme sounds great in principle, but businesses need some details now about how it works in order to plan ahead.

  4. Avatar
    lawrence waters 24 Aug 2020 at 4:13 pm #

    the scheme was detailed on the 8th July it is now 24th August , as a potential employer I find the lack of details and news relating to this scheme implementation and launch staggering !!. We need to be informed .

  5. Avatar
    Patrick E Glancy 29 Aug 2020 at 9:31 am #

    Agree we need some information on when this young people kickstart scheme is starting so we can all make an effort and get the younger generation back to work

  6. Avatar
    Andrew Bourke 2 Sep 2020 at 4:47 pm #

    Given that the announcement today is that to use Kickstart you must have a minimum number of vacancies/jobs set at 30 by the UK government, this is worse than useless for small business.

    Tesco and Network Rail don’t need more government free money, small business does and this will NOT work.

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