Mobile working delivers business benefits

working can help cuts costs and reduce staff absenteeism according to a new

by Compaq reveals that 38 per cent of business managers believe mobile working
practises help cut overheads and 23 per cent think employees are less likely to
take time off sick.

study, which was conducted by Mori on behalf of Compaq, finds that managers
feel there is resistance to mobile working at board level but two thirds of
managers trust their employees to work anywhere and recognise the benefits of
mobile working.

Nelson, head of wireless and mobile solutions for Compaq, said, “The high performance
employee of tomorrow will be the one who knows where to obtain knowledge and
how to collaborate with others. Current technology enables employees to access
the corporate network, including e-mail and the Internet wherever they are
through the use of wireless technologies. Both in and out of the office
technology exists to place business critical information in the hands of those
who need it, regardless of where they are located.”

By Ben Willmott. Click here to respond


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