New kitemark for corporate social responsibility

new company has launched a scheme to reward other companies that demonstrate
social responsibility towards their employees, shareholders and customers.

meeting GoodCorporation’s 21-point charter on social responsibility receive a
“kitemark” for marketing purposes.

criteria in the charter include the provision of fair terms of employment for
employees, striving for equal opportunities for its present and potential
employees and being accountable to its shareholders.

Pryce, chairwoman of GoodCorporation, said, “Corporate responsibility is
becoming increasingly important as the public are becoming aware of a company’s
contribution to the environment and the community.

are now more open to criticism for their actions.  For instance, an employer’s reputation can be seriously damaged
if it’s found to be sourcing from a supplier using child labour.”

believes HR will have to educate the workforce about a company’s position on
ethical responsibility.

must ensure that these values are embedded in the organisation and that staff
are living them. They also can help educate the board to live and communicate
the values down through the organization,” she said.

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