MoD buys £1,000 chairs for civil servants

Ministry of Defence (MoD) has bought each of its 3,150 Whitehall civil servants
a £1,000 chair, reports The Daily Telegraph.

new chairs, described as the ‘most comfortable in the world’, are also the most
expensive, and come as the MoD plans massive cuts in the Armed Forces.

purchases are part of a £342m refurbishment at the ministry. The paper said
they were sanctioned as troops were being sent to Iraq without the proper

MoD is preparing to announce huge cuts in equipment and personnel as it looks
to save up to £1.5bn.

spokesman for the MoD told the paper that the ergonomic design of the chair
would mean fewer civil servants took time off with back pain, and that the
chairs would last twice as long as ordinary ones.

By Mike Berry

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