MoD to save £100,000 a year after July roll-out of HR software from EDS to Army

The Ministry of Defence (MoD),  will roll out its Joint Personnel Administration system to more than 100,000 army employees by July.

MoD signed a deal with outsourcing provider EDS, for the next-generation HR system in 2004 and it is expected to save the Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency up to £100m a year.

The system was rolled out to the RAF in March last year, followed by the Royal Navy in November.

The Joint Personnel Administration system provides staff with self-service infrastructure and secure online access to HR functions, including posting details, expenses and pay statements. The aim is to modernise and harmonise the MoD’s multiple stand-alone systems.

A spokesperson for the MoD said: “Joint Personnel Administration is a modern world-class personnel administration system that has already been successfully deployed to the RAF and Royal Navy worldwide and is working well. Delivery to the Army is on track and will improve the level of service, and create financial savings in the order of £100m per annum.”

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