Money for nothing

Stress may be a nebulous concept, but it is certainly high-value when it
comes to payouts.

£200,000 – Roderick

January 2000: Former senior housing benefits officer was paid
out of court for a stress-related breakdown he claimed was caused by a bullying
line manager at Test Valley Borough Council

£100,000 – Alan Barber

March 2001 Former senior teacher claimed damages for stress
suffered while at a school in Somerset. He suffered depression following
bullying behaviour from the head and an increased workload. The school did
nothing to alleviate the situation

£203,432 – Randy

January 2000 Ingram was paid an out-of-court settlement from
Hereford and Worcester County Council for stress caused by violence, including
a shooting at a gypsy site where he was a warden. He claimed the council should
have done more to protect him

£254,362 – Janice

December 2000 Teacher received compensation from Newport County
Borough Council, which admitted liability for a stress-related illness that
destroyed her career. Though she had requested classroom support to cope with a
difficult situation, this was ignored, and an extra member of staff was even

£175,000 – John Walker

July 1996 Social worker won a claim against Northumberland
County Council after suffering two nervous breakdowns induced by an excessive
workload. The award was only made on the basis of the second breakdown, on the
grounds that the council should have noticed Walker’s health was in danger

£175,000 – Post Office

February 2000 A former Post Office manager won damages for
stress-related illness caused by an excessive workload. They suffered
depression following a business review that greatly increased workload and

Summer 2002 The organisation was
forced to make a ‘substantial five-figure award’ to a member of postal union
CWU for years of stress-related illness caused by an ever-increasing workload.
Despite repeatedly telling managers he was not coping, Maurice Young continued
to be promoted

£327,000 – Jeffery

May 2001 Telephone procurement manager for Mercury Mobile
Communication Services claimed damages after a nervous breakdown caused by a
vicious campaign of victimisation and demotion after he blew the whistle on

£67,000 – Beverley

July 1999 Lancaster won personal injury damages after
Birmingham City Council accepted liability for work-related stress. The former
draughtswoman was redeployed to a neighbourhood housing office where she had to
handle tenant problems on a daily basis without the training she had been

£84,000 – Cath Noonan

July 1999 A home-help supervisor won an out-of-court settlement
from Liverpool City Council for a stress-related illness that eventually forced
her to retire. The line manager’s alleged bullying style included excessive
supervision and monitoring and doling out constant criticism

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