Morale crisis at Consignia

Consignia lacks the skills, leadership and staff morale to cope with the
current financial and business challenges it faces, according to a survey of
600 of the company’s senior managers.

The report by trade union Amicus provides a damning insight into the postal
group, which is facing increasing competition and losing £1.5m a day.

The survey shows six out of 10 senior managers believe Consignia is not
capable of meeting its business challenges.

Nearly 90 per cent of respondents do not think there is the necessary
leadership in place to take the business forward. And more than half claim the
company does not have the right level of skills to overcome its problems.

Eight out of 10 senior managers surveyed believe morale among employees has
deteriorated over the past year, and almost seven out of 10 claim their morale
has plummeted over the same period.

Work-related stress is also on the increase, with nearly half claiming to
have experienced tiredness, lack of sleep, and irritability in the past six

Amicus general secretary Roger Lyons is so concerned by the findings he is
calling for a meeting with Consignia chairman Allan Leighton and chief
executive John Roberts along with Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt
to investigate how to improve morale.

A Consignia spokeswoman said increasing competition in the sector is
damaging employee morale.

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