More people working long hours, says DTI

increasing number of employees are working more than 60 hours a week, according
to a DTI survey.

in six surveyed said they were working more than 60 hours a week compared to
one in eight two years ago. And more then 10 per cent of women now work more
than 60 hours a week, double the number of doing so in 2000.

survey finds, the majority of people who work 60 hours or more are under 40.

per cent of 30-39-year olds work 60 hours or more compared to just 14 per cent
of those over 40.

survey also shows most people are not rewarded for the extra hours they put in.

of employees currently work overtime, but of these, only a third are awarded
with extra pay or time off in lieu.

of State for Trade and Industry Patricia Hewitt urged employers to work with
their staff to find "sensible work-life balance solutions".

am determined to get the merits of flexible working onto the business agenda
especially for the parents of young children who often find it the most
difficult to balance work and home life," she said.

Quentin Reade

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