More than 1,200 Rover workers have moved on

More than 400 ex-MG Rover staff are in new jobs and 800 are on training courses, it was announced today.

At least £2m has been paid to supply companies in emergency grants, safeguarding 2,498 jobs in the short term, the MG Rover Task Force said.

The task force’s chairman, Nick Paul, said: “For companies hit by MG Rover’s closure, the grants we have been able to offer have provided short-term breathing space.

“Our priority now is to work with these companies to offer them longer-term support to find new markets for their products and get on with life without MG Rover.”

Rover collapsed in April with the loss of more than 5,500 jobs. Administrators are still studying five offers to buy parts of the company.

New trade and industry secretary Alan Johnson visited the West Midlands today to discuss the situation.

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