More than half of employees are consulted on voucher reward preferences

More than half of employees are consulted by their employers on which vouchers they would prefer to receive as a reward or incentive according to a poll by The Voucher Shop, one of the UK’s leading providers of vouchers to the incentives and flexible benefit markets.

The poll, conducted in May 2010 amongst HR managers and executives from across a range of industries, revealed that 53% of employers consult with their staff on which retail vouchers they would like.

Paul McRae, Business Development Manager at The Voucher Shop, said: “Consulting with employees on which vouchers they would like to receive is a key factor in ensuring that an incentive or reward scheme is as effective as possible and it is encouraging to note that over half of employers do so.  Employers should not make a decision on voucher types based on their own perspective as the preferences of the target audience may differ markedly from what they assume will appeal.  By obtaining good feedback from all potential recipients employers can ensure that they are happy when they receive their vouchers.”

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