Moschino Chooses The Cezanne OnDemand Online HR Software Solution To Manage Its 150 Employees

The leading fashion design house is the first Italian-headquartered company to adopt Cezanne OnDemand, the SaaS HR system specifically for SMEs.

Moschino, which previously relied on traditional spreadsheets and documents to manage their employees, has chosen the Cezanne OnDemand online HR software service to manage 150 employees across its business. The solution, from leading European HR software company, Cezanne Software, is the result of a joint development between Cezanne Software’s R&D teams in London, UK and Bari, Italy.

Moschino will use the Cezanne OnDemand
to manage current and historical data about its people and its organisation. Cezanne OnDemand is delivered online as Software as a Service (SaaS) with Cezanne providing all of the services needed to keep the system up and running, including hardware and software infrastructure, data backups and continuous availability monitoring. In addition, the SaaS delivery means that customers automatically benefit from updates to their products as soon as they become available.

The haute couture company will make use of self service to allow employees and their managers to take responsibility for their own data, saving HR an enormous amount of time, improving data accuracy and giving the HR team more time to focus on strategic initiatives and supporting senior management.

Access to information for the company’s 150 employees is based on security permissions, with data security protected at every level, from the application architecture through the transmission of data across the internet to the physical security provided at BT’s state of the art data centre. The Cezanne OnDemand service has been independently certified to ISO 27001:2005, the only international award designed to ensure the implementation of processes designed to meet the highest standards of data security.ion at every level: from

“Like all mid-sized companies, we need to manage employee data, but don’t have the resources to take on a traditional in house HR system implementation”, says Gianluca Galli, HR Director of Moschino. “Using a SaaS HR solution, like Cezanne OnDemand, removes this problem, and lets us have a complete service to manage, update in real time and view all of the information about our employees and our organisation.”

Carlo Ugdulena, CEO of Cezanne Software says: “We’re very proud to welcome Moschino as our first customer in Italy for Cezanne OnDemand. The online delivery of Cezanne OnDemand as Software as a Service, lets us solve the immediate need of companies like Moschino to more easily and cost effectively manage employee data. We also like to think that Cezanne OnDemand provides a new way for small businesses and mid-sized enterprises – many of whom have the same HR challenges as larger organisations – to communicate and collaborate with their employees.”

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