MOT and Edvantage group work towards improving school environments in Norway and South Africa

MOT is an educational organisation working with young people in schools in Norway and South Africa. Their key objective is to contribute to the development of young people and to create safe environments for them. MOT has established a three year sponsorship deal with Edvantage group, an e-learning company and Managed Learning Service provider, worth 1.6 million NOK (£180,000). The sponsorship agreement includes Edvantage group providing a learning portal enabling MOT to provide better training to their 1,000 trainers in Norway and South Africa.

MOT focuses on the lives of the young. They are dedicated to showing young people they can make their own choices, take care of each other and show more courage in day-to-day situations. Recent surveys show that schools participating in the MOT scheme have 30% less bullying per week than schools that are not part of the MOT programme. “The key to achieving these numbers is continuous training of MOT trainers, who run the programmes in schools,” said Fabian Giæver, Marketing Manager, MOT. “The tools Edvantage group have contributed allow us to operate even more effective training of all trainers.”

Thomas Berglund, CEO of Edvantage group, became involved in MOT in 2009, when he participated in the eight day cycle race, ‘Cape Epic’ in South Africa as part of a cycling team, which also works with MOT. Thomas Berglund comments, “MOT is doing some great work with young people all over Norway and South Africa. During the race I became more and more connected to the MOT concept and decided that, as one of Europe’s leading Managed Learning companies, we want to help. This has now become a reality, and I feel very proud that we can contribute our services to MOT.”

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