Motorola’s smart way to identify managers

giant Motorola has developed a scorecard system that assesses which employees
have managerial potential and which are under-performing.

company, which recently announced plans to make 26,000 people redundant worldwide,
is assessing staff using a card system that plots performance against
leadership skills.

Staunton, director of the Motorola University for Europe, Middle East and
Africa, said the scheme is part of the company’s drive to improve management
skills. Speaking at the HRD Conference in London last week, Staunton said that
before, there was no real strategy for developing managerial skills.

fill out forms that identify which skills are needed to solve particular

HR department uses the forms to build up a set of key competencies. These
charts are then translated into a grid, which plots an employee’s performance
against their leadership skills.

said, "We wanted a defined and objective overview of our key talent – we
had some knowledge but a lot of hear-say."

company has also pledged to make 30 per cent of all training available
electronically by the end of 2001 increasing this to 50 per cent by the end of

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