MPs ask for 22% pay increase

MPs have requested a 22% pay increase, ten times the rate of inflation, according to newspaper reports.

Labour MP Ann Clwyd and Conservative backbenchers allegedly met in secret last week to discuss salaries, allowances and pensions which are due to be scrutinised next year by the independent Senior Salaries Review Body (SSRB).

MPs are currently paid around £59,000 but can boost their income to £100,000 with allowances for second homes and travel.  

Some MPs are reported to be angry at the SSRB’s previous recommendation in 2001 that their pay should be linked to that of headteachers and police chief superintendents.

The accusations coincide with the government’s recommendation that public sector workers will only receive a 2% pay increase, in line with inflation.

Martin Bell, a former independent MP and anti-sleaze campaigner, said: “The pay rise MPs are seeking is not only unjustified but damaging-both to their own reputations and to the ideal of democracy which we recommend to others.”

MPs have strongly denied the allegations.

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