MSF and AEEU members vote to merge

Members of two of the largest unions in the UK have voted in
favour of merger.

The merger of the AEEU and MSF will create the second
largest union in the country, representing over one million members.

The new union will have assets of over £100m and an annual
income of £60m.

Members of the two unions overwhelmingly back the merger,
during last week’s postal ballot.

Nearly 85 per cent of AEEU members voted in favour and
almost 80 per cent of MSF members.

The new union’s first aim will be to increase its membership
further by targeting the manufacturing and finance sectors.

“We now have the resources to set the agenda across every
sector of the UK economy, and will be capable of helping members with the changing
world of work,” said Sir Ken Jackson, AEEU’s general secretary.

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