Name change could help isolated IT staff to integrate

than two-thirds (69 per cent) of IT professionals believe an alternative job
title, which explains their position in laymen’s terms, would help improve
integration and understanding between themselves and non-IT colleagues.

survey of 500 IT professionals by the Computer People recruitment firm reveals
that 56 per cent of IT professionals feel their job title does not do justice
to the company critical role they play at work.

Budden, associate director at Computer People, said less jargon could help
employees feel more valued and more integrated within the business.

is a technical profession and job titles within the industry inevitably reflect
this," he said. "By using everyday language, IT professionals will
have a better chance of explaining the crucial role they play to colleagues and
friends," he said.

survey also found:

35 per cent said their title bares little or no resemblance to their

67 per cent feel their job title is too technical to disclose socially

61 per cent admit their title is a regular conversation stopper with people
often too embarrassed to ask what it means.

Jessica Devonport

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