National Learning at Work Day will focus on sustainability

Sustainability will be the theme of this year’s National Learning at Work Day (NLWD), which will be held on 22 May.

The Campaign for Learning (CfL), which promotes the event, said it hopes that “organisations and employees will use the day to learn skills and working practices that will not only sustain the planet but also help them make changes that result in business benefits.”

CfL will provide resources that it said will help organisations and staff make the most of the day. These will focus on three strands:

  • Environmental – this will help organisations and staff learn about green issues and how they can learn by working with the communities in which they live and work.
  • Work-life balance – this will help employers “develop good practice and procedures that can lead to healthy, productive and motivated employees”.
  • Learning throughout life – this will encourage participants to learn “transferable soft skills” and “skills for life”.

CfL insists the theme is serious but that it emphasises that learning can be fun.

It suggested the following activities for NLWD:

  • Scrap heap challenge – turning old waste into masterpieces.
  • Family story-writing competition – staff write about their families’ triumphs.
  • Ready, steady, cook – employees cook healthy meals for their colleagues.
  • Colleague skills swap – employees pass on their skills and knowledge to colleagues.

Last year’s theme was Live Longer and Prosper. As a promotional gimmick, CfL asked celebrities what they wanted to be when they were children. Among the celebrities asked was This Morning‘s Fern Britton, who said a dolphin trainer.

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