Nearly half of office staff flirt at work

Almost half of employees flirt in the workplace to get their
own way research has revealed.

The survey by careers website Fish4jobs also shows twice as
many women as men admit to flirting with their bosses but men are more likely
to focus their attentions on their junior colleagues.

Nearly a quarter of respondents say they have flirted in
order to hand work over to someone else and other reasons highlighted include
leaving work early, covering up a mistake and getting time off.

Two fifths of those surveyed believe that flirting at work
can help people do their jobs better and is an important part of succeeding at

But almost one third think flirting can undermine a person’s
professional status and 17 per cent say it should be stopped or result in
disciplinary action.

Almost a quarter of office workers have witnessed a
situation where it has got out of hand and 45 per cent have seen a situation
where people have stopped speaking to each other.

More than a third of respondents have seen office flirting
leading to an affair and 26 per cent to marriage.

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