Nelson Croom launches new collaborative approach to elearning

This month, Nelson Croom launches peer-enriched learning, a new approach to online learning. Taking a collaborative approach, peer-enriched learning combines Nelson Croom’s philosophy of engagement and motivation with web 2.0 tools. The result is a powerful learning experience that stimulates debate and dialogue amongst learners and provides a valuable and evolving resource of professional knowledge and experience.

Peer-enriched learning takes a topic, such as budgeting, and encourages learners to think about their own techniques and application, share their knowledge and experience and to learn from their peers. The learning takes place in three ways:

  1. Self reflection

  2. Learning from the expert

  3. Learning from peers

Based on Nelson Croom’s sharing answers technology, the learner first considers their own perspective, then receives feedback on their answers and finally is offered the opportunity to see what others have answered to the question, enriching the learning by offering alternative perspectives and connecting with others with similar experiences.

“For some subjects there isn’t a right or wrong answer – just different approaches. These are the topics that we think benefit from the peer-enriched learning treatment. Of course, there will always be subjects that you need to learn about from an expert and our technical and business skills courses focus on an in-depth approach to disseminating that knowledge to the learner. But for something like how to manage the recession, that’s not always the best method. The learner knows their business inside out – we don’t want to teach them how to run it but instead to help them to think about the issues and how they can apply them in their own particular situation. In this instance, knowledge and experiences of others in similar situations and industries is very valuable and it’s this sharing of knowledge that peer-enriched learning stimulates” explains Alan Nelson, Managing Director of Nelson Croom.

Like Nelson Croom’s other off-the-shelf courses, peer-enriched learning courses are written by leading experts in their field.  Peer-enriched learning has launched with two topical, practical and highly relevant courses: Managing Through a Recession and Making Budgeting Work in the Real World.


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