Net execs pay higher in UK than in Europe

Internet executives are paid twice as much as their European counterparts due
to wavering confidence in the dotcom market, according to a survey by
recruitment consultants Futurestep.

Internet executives are paid  £168,000 a
year on average. Swedish employers are the next best with web executives on an
average of £93,000, followed by firms in Germany and Norway, which pay £80,000
and £79,000 .

survey, called ePay Europe, also reveals that UK salaries and bonuses are now
at a similar level to Internet executives in the US. These average £184,000.

months ago the biannual survey by Futurestep showed that UK-based Internet
executives were paid 40 per cent less than their US equivalents.

Brotherston, president of Futurestep Europe, said, "In a year that has
seen many dotcom collapses, Internet firms are being forced to increase rewards
to keep hold of executive talent and the UK is leading the trend."

added, "It is interesting that the UK is so closely mirroring the US on
this issue. Given the current speculation with regards to the US economy and
its effect on the UK’s, it will be interesting to see how UK executives’
salaries are affected in the next six months."

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