In the november issue of Training Magazine, we asked you for your top 10
tips on motivating staff in difficult times. Here are some of your responses:

Ask delegates to say what they want…

1 Make the training relevant on a macro and micro scale – but run the event
as if it was a luxury.

2 Get delegates to tell you why it is relevant to them.

3 Get them to tell you what they want to achieve from the training

4 Make sure you deliver it – if it is not possible in that forum, then
respond to them in another way.

5 Always deliver "what it says on the box"

6 Ensure they succeed: if that means the training is longer/more expensive,
then so be it. It will be money well spent.

7 Make sure that however relevant the training it is as fun as possible –
next time they will be more motivated to repeat the experience.

8 Give the delegates a chance to realise how much they have got out of the

9 Make sure they have a chance to get some positive success using the new
thinking and skills they have acheived or have refined quickly.

10 Remain in touch, offering support for other areas of need that they might
have – in other words reinforce the postive process that they have carried out
and show that you can make their lives better in other areas.

Charlotte Dawber
Training and development officer, West Sussex County Council Social and Caring

…get to know more about your people…

1 Set achievable goals.

2 Get rid of demotivation. Find out what is demotivator.

3 Get to know your people. Everyone is different.

4 Praise staff without patronising them.

5 Give regular feedback.

6 If you can’t motivate certain individuals try using another member of your
management, never be too proud.

7 Remember, money isn’t always the biggest motivator. Try to individualise
the incentive.

8 Getting feedback from customers is a great motivator. Remember to tell
your staff in front of others if possible.

9 What motivates you? Your family members? It is probably different so
remember your staff aren’t you.

10 Have fun! If people enjoy the job, motivation is easier.

Allan Mcwilliam
Training & development manager, Slater Menswear

…and always respect their contribution

1 Induction, integration and get people effective as soon as possible.

2 Fun but focused training.

3 Provide development opportunities

4 Open, honest communication and involvement.

5 Listen to and respond to their needs.

6 Lead by example, be good role models

7 Empower.

8 Provide enthusiastic support, advice and guidance.

9 Respect and value their contribution.

10 Give them your best… and they will give you their best back.

Mike Mair
Production operations training manager, Napp Pharmaceuticals

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