Networked government needed for best policy making

is urging Tony Blair to embrace “networked government” in the wake of the
Cabinet reshuffle.

Stevens, CIPD director of public and policy and development, explained that the
Government should develop better links with external organisations with
specialist knowledge.

said, “While joined-up thinking should remain a priority, we would also like to
see Government make links with external organisations that are key repositories
of expertise. Such an approach would help achieve the best policy outcomes
during the government’s term of delivery.”

believes that better people management and development practices are crucial in
ensuring the delivery of respected public services.

said, “CIPD research shows that central government employees feel less
positively than any other group of employees. 
Given that the link between people management and business performance
is now explicit, the establishment of progressive people management and
development practices should result in better performance and delivery.”

By Karen Higginbottom. Click here to

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