Long hours culture leading to unhappy staff

Britain’s long-hours working culture is making employees
more dissatisfied and less motivated than ever before, claims a survey.

Conducted by the Economic and Social Research Council the
report shows that only 20 per cent of male employees are completely or very
satisfied with their working hours, compared with 35 per cent when questioned
in 1992.

Nine years ago over half of female employees were satisfied
with their hours, compared to 29 per cent this year.

Employees who are unhappy are twice as likely as their
contented colleagues to be seeking a new job. While their willingness to do
their best at work has declined as steeply as satisfaction with working hours
over the past decade.

Dr Michael White, co-director of the report from the Policy
Studies Institute, said, “Employee motivation will continue to ebb away unless
employers wake up to the new reality.

“Time, not money, is for many the barrier to enjoying that
richer life which people are increasingly aware of through education, the media
and the Internet.”

The survey questioned 2,500 employees.


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