New award for work-based trainers

EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL) has been accredited to award the Learning and Development
NVQ/SVQ at Level 3 and 4.

EAL has developed the qualification from new national occupational standards
produced by the Employment NTO (ENTO). The Government has recog-nised these
standards as the minimum needed for everyone delivering government-funded
training and learning programmes.

EAL’s learning and Development qualification is suitable for those involved
in work-based learning and development, who seek recognition for their
comp-etence in one or more of a wide variety of activities including developing
training sessions and learning programmes, supporting learners and assessing
candidates. It will normally be possible to progress from Level 3 to 4 without
the need to duplicate common units already completed.

The qualification contains new units for assessors and verifiers which
replace the traditional D32, D33, D34, and D35 units. People who already hold
the D units will not need to obtain the new assessor and verifier units, but
will be required to be familiar with their contents. EAL will be holding
workshops later in the year to help with this process.

EAL is a major awarding body for vocational qualifications in engineering,
administration, management, distribution and warehousing and aviation, and has
awarded 150,000 NVQs in the last five years. It introduced a new IT
qualification at the Training Solutions exhibition last month and has recently
been appointed by Skillset as the sole awarding body for audio-visual sector
NVQs. For information call 01923 652400 or e-mail

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