New body pledges red tape cuts

Government plans to transform the Better Regulation Task Force into a new commission – as announced in the Budget – will make a tangible difference to business, a leading member of the taskforce has insisted.

Deputy chairwoman of the taskforce, Teresa Graham, said the Better Regulation Commission (BRC) had to make a difference otherwise those involved “might as well pack up and go home”.

The BRC will continue the work of the taskforce and take on new responsibilities for monitoring the reforms set out in the Budget.

It aims to provide independent advice to government from business and other stakeholders about new regulatory proposals, and about the government’s overall regulatory performance.

“The commission will have more responsibility and accountability,” Graham said. “We want to retain [our] independence to drive things forward.”

She denied that the creation of the BRC was nothing more than a re-badging exercise. “Taskforces come and go, but the commission is more permanent,” she said.

“I will stick around until I’m satisfied we have set up a system to change the regulation culture.”

Sitting alongside the BRC will be the Better Regulation Executive, which aims to oversee the performance of regulators.

The UK currently has 63 national regulators, with 31 set to be merged into seven ‘mother’ organisations by 2009.

The executive will be led by a person recruited from outside central government, with a management board including members from the private sector.

The CIPD said it was keen for the voice of HR to be heard via the commission, but it was important to ensure that it adopts a sensible, balanced and properly evidence-based view of the costs and benefits of regulation.


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