New careers transition business Onestep launches

OneStep is a career transitions business that supports individuals and organisations through changes in the workplace by providing practical help.

The need to create OneStep was identified over a year ago when the parent company, Highfield Human Solutions a Newbury based  Executive Search and Talent Management  firm, noted a marked increase in the number of speculative CV’s they were receiving. As executive search firms work exclusively for clients on an assignment basis there was limited support that could be given to these candidates.

It appeared that some individuals were finding themselves on the job market for the first time in years. Even those with flawless employment pedigrees were beginning to explore alternative career options either through choice or through events outside of their control. Executives new to the job market were finding the landscape of ‘seeking a new role’ had changed beyond all recognition. They were faced with a vast array of job boards, recruitment portals and networking forums and for some navigating these proved utterly overwhelming. 

It was clear that they needed input, guidance and support and we were determined to help. We asked a group of executives exactly what they felt they needed and from their feedback three main issues were identified. One – How could they get in front of recruiters and onto head-hunters radars? Two – Where to start and how did they ‘take control’ of their future career ’? Three – At interview, how did they ‘outshine’ the competition?  Furthermore it was obvious that they were seeking a cost effective solution.

Utilising Highfield’s already established Candidate Care division the OneStep programme was devised. A flexible, practical and cost effective solution which truly empowers individuals to take responsibility for their futures.

Designed in 3 modules that can be experienced separately or as a full day the programme is delivered on a one to one basis by OneStep consultants. As a result, individuals can gain a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape and how to maximise it; learn how to utilise technology to powerfully market themselves and receive intensive coaching allowing them to make a real impact at interview.

Since the creation of OneStep an additional programme ‘OneStep Forward’ has evolved, directed more at businesses that are experiencing changes in their people strategy. This powerful, life changing programme gives a totally unique alternative to ‘outplacement’ services.

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