New cybercops force secures backing of CIPD

The CIPD has welcomed the launch of
a specialist cyber police unit that will help employers crack down on e-fraud,
computer hacking and Internet abuse.

The National Hi-Tech
Crime Unit is the UK’s first countrywide law enforcement organisation to combat
computer-based crime.

As part of the
National Crime Squad, the unit will develop intelligence and support as well as
co-ordinate law enforcement operations and offer expert advice to local police
and businesses.

Mike Emmott, CIPD
employee relations adviser, said the crime squad will play an important role
advising employers on best practice and how to counter computer hacking and

"The workplace is
becoming increasingly virtual and crime is moving in the same direction so it
makes sense for the police to develop their expertise," he said.

The new body is
funded by £25m over three years and will be headed by Det Chief Supt Len Hynds.

Annabel Abbs, HR
director for Firefly Communications, welcomed the new force but feels its
powers need to be defined. "It signals that the Government is taking the
Internet seriously as a form of communication," she said.

"As an HR
practitioner I would like to know what guidelines this force is working to.
This squad could have access to personal files, which as an HR person I feel
responsible for. There needs to be a clear understanding of the remit of the

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